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Juneteenth Event
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The Signing,  Sharon’s latest writing, is included in 08:46 Fresh Perspectives, an anthology of forty-four Black Playwrights published in the aftermath of George Floyd. 08:46 Fresh Perspectives, now available on Amazon, features emotionally charged monologues by some of the most renowned Black Playwrights in the country. New World Theatre hosted a successful and well attended Juneteenth Book Launch Event on Saturday, June 19th as President Joe Biden declared Juneteenth a national Holiday. The playwrights were introduced, spotlighted and eagerly shared their personal stories on how they came to create their monologues. "It is an honor to have The Signing included in this special anthology and be listed amongst such talented and imaginative playwrights,” admits Sharon. "Having our works etched in history and fueling culture at this pivotal time is a writer's dream."

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