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At the heart of HerShe Productions beats a passion for storytelling in all its vibrant forms. We are more than creators; we are curators of narratives that illuminate, provoke thought, and inspire action.

Our mission is clear: to empower the next generation of storytellers by showcasing diverse tales through film shorts, staged plays, culinary adventures, and travel stories. We believe in the transformative power of storytelling, its ability to heal wounds, amplify voices, and ignite change.


The Enigmatic Power
of a Bitch


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Commentary on
The Signing 

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Sharon Cleveland Blount,

Producer, Director, Playwright

“I journaled, wrote poetry and even wrote and directed plays in my youth. I guess I've been writing, in some capacity, all of my life. I even worked as a grant writer for an after school program in North Hollywood---It's always been about the writing for me."

Sharon received her MFA in Creative Writing from Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles. “Unexpectedly, I re-discovered a passion for writing as a playwright. I tapped into that creative place from my youth. Play writing offers such immediate rewards. Once you have a finished script, as the writer, you have the ability to bring your vision, your words, right to the stage. That is empowering. I’m now excited to write stories from my heart, imagination and life experiences."

Weave Addiction, is satirical in form, offering bundles of insight into the underworld of wearing weaves. "Weave Addiction scratches the itchy truth." Workshopped in the fall of 2019, at Hollywood's Sunset Gower Studios, Weave Addiction received rave reviews and propelled Sharon to the stage as playwright and director.

A gifted storyteller and playwright, Sharon has creative roots steeped in Motown. Her monologue, Not Made to be Your Maid, was featured in 50in50: Letters to Our Sons, a Facebook Live performance produced through Brooklyn’s Billie Holiday Theater on April 2, 2020. The production was also staged live, in-theater, at The WACO Theater in North Hollywood, California on March 7-8, 2020.

During the pandemic, Sharon was feverishly writing (Shut-in, performed April 17, 2020) and directing (Becoming Boring (May 9), Golden Girls and Ventilator for Two (May 29), Just A Little More…You Know and UnRendered Aid (June 19), The Ring Thing (July 17), monologues for Theatre is the Cure (TITC), a theater platform presented on-line through Facebook Live, created to keep theater alive during the stay-at-home orders due to the corona virus pandemic of 2020. 

The Signing, is included in 08:46 Fresh Perspectives, an anthology of forty-four Black Playwrights published in the aftermath of George Floyd. The Juneteenth Book Launch Event, was held June19th, 2021, just as President Joe Biden declared JUNETEENTH a National Holiday. 08:46 Fresh Perspectives, available through Amazon, features emotion charged monologues by some of the most renowned Black Playwrights in the country. The publication amplifies poignant, yet passion-filled, and thought provoking expressions in the aftermath of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. "It is an honor to have The Signing included in this special anthology and be listed amongst such talented and imaginative playwrights. Having our works etched in history and fueling culture at this pivotal time is a writer's dream." 

Sharon is a consummate writer, she knew after high school graduation, as a young Travelista, to follow her dreams, from Detroit, Michigan to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California, where she received her B.A. in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from the Annenberg School for Communication and  Journalism. Sharon's journalism and communication skills were well utilized as an entertainment reporter for "Screen Scene" on the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Network, and as Assistant Fashion, Beauty, and Accessories editor for Black Elegance Magazine. Sharon completed her time at BE as West Coast Managing Editor. "Yes, writing is my passion."

Sharon is the mother of three young adults, Brielle, Camdon, and Chason. “My kids will always reign as my most prized productions and works of art.” 



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WE/US, Monologues for the Gender Minority

A collection of engaging works, including the monologue ARLO by Sharon Cleveland Blount.

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